A New Way to Collaborate with AI

Google has recently launched a new experiment that lets users collaborate with artificial intelligence (AI) to generate text of various kinds. The experiment is called Bard, and it is powered by a research large language model (LLM) called LaMDA, which stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications1.

Bard is designed to be a creative and helpful collaborator that can supercharge users’ imagination and boost their productivity. Users can ask Bard to give them tips, explain concepts, outline ideas, or spark their curiosity. For example, users can ask Bard to give them suggestions on how to read more books this year, explain quantum physics in simple terms, or outline a blog post on a topic of their choice1.

Bard works by predicting the most likely words to come next, based on the user’s prompt. It also factors in some flexibility, so that it can generate diverse and creative responses. Bard uses Google’s understanding of quality information, and will often provide multiple drafts of its response, so that users can pick the best starting point for them. Users can then continue to collaborate with Bard by asking follow-up questions or requesting alternatives.

Bard is not a replacement for Google Assistant, but rather a complementary experience that showcases the

<br><br>potential of LLMs. LLMs are an exciting technology that can enable new ways of interacting with information and expressing ideas. However, LLMs are not perfect, and they can sometimes produce inaccurate, misleading, or biased outputs. Therefore, users should always use their own judgment and critical thinking when using Bard or any other LLM.

Bard is currently available in English for users in the U.S. and the U.K., and Google plans to expand it to more countries and languages over time. Users can sign up to try Bard with their personal Google Account or their Google Workspace account (if their administrator has enabled access to Bard). Users must be 18 or over, and use a supported browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Edgium).

Bard is an early experiment that aims to get feedback from more people and improve over time. Users can use Bard to explore the possibilities of LLMs and have fun with AI. Users can also report any inappropriate or problematic responses from Bard, manage and delete their Bard activity, and give feedback about their experience